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First Home Buyer Numbers Have Halved Is It Time To Swoop In

First Home Buyer Numbers Halves in time | Zippy Financial

The landscape for first home buyers has undergone significant changes recently. With a notable decrease in the number of first home buyers entering the market, potential opportunities have emerged for those looking to purchase their first home. 

Current State of the Property Market 

Recent trends indicate a shift in the property market dynamics. Factors such as rising interest rates and economic uncertainties have contributed to a decrease in first home buyer activity. This change has been reflected in property prices and buyer demographics, reshaping the market in several ways. 

Impact of Economic Changes on First Home Buyers 

The halving of first home buyer numbers can be attributed to various economic factors. Changes in lending criteria, increased interest rates, and the overall economic climate have made it challenging for first home buyers to enter the market. This has led to a decrease in first home buyer loan applications and approvals. Exploring alternative financing options such as personal loans may be considered by those facing challenges in the current lending environment. 

Opportunities for Prospective Buyers 

With fewer first home buyers in the market, there is now less competition for properties. This situation presents a unique opportunity for those still looking to purchase their first home. Potential buyers may find more room for negotiation, potentially leading to better deals and more favorable terms. 

Strategies for Capitalizing on Current Market Conditions 

For those looking to take advantage of the current market conditions, several strategies can be employed: 

  • Conduct thorough market research to understand local trends and identify undervalued properties. 
  • Negotiate aggressively, leveraging the reduced competition in the market. 
  • Explore various first home buyer loan options to find the best fit for your financial situation. 

Government Incentives and Support Programs 

Despite the challenges, there are still government incentives and support programs available to assist first home buyers. These programs can provide significant support, making homeownership more accessible despite the current market conditions. 

Eligibility Criteria and Application Guidance

  • Understanding Eligibility Criteria: Clarify common requirements like income thresholds, property value limits, and residency conditions. 
  • Navigating the Application Process: Provide guidance on documentation, timelines, and submission procedures for a smooth application process. 
  • Professional Assistance for Applications: Recommend seeking guidance from professionals like mortgage brokers for informed decision-making. 

Maximizing the Benefits of Government Initiatives 

  • Strategic Integration with Financial Plans: Encourage aligning government incentives with long-term financial goals, contributing to a robust financial strategy. 
  • Continuous Monitoring for Updates: Stress the importance of staying informed about policy changes for adapting strategies and maximizing benefits. 
  • Educational Resources and Workshops: Suggest leveraging workshops and resources provided by government agencies for in-depth understanding and navigation. 

Long-Term Market Outlook 

The long-term outlook for the property market remains positive, with expectations of stabilization and growth. Prospective first home buyers should consider this outlook in their planning, balancing immediate challenges with future opportunities. 

Expert Financial Advice for Navigating the Market 

Navigating the current property market can be complex, especially for first home buyers. Seeking expert financial advice from a mortgage broker can provide clarity and guidance, helping you to make informed decisions and find the best path to homeownership. 

The decrease in first home buyer numbers presents both challenges and opportunities in the property investment market. For those considering purchasing their first home, now may be an opportune time to explore your options and potentially secure a favorable deal. 


A: The number of first home buyers has decreased due to repeated cash rate hikes by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). From May to December, the RBA lifted the cash rate from 0.10% to 3.10%, making it more challenging for first-time buyers to enter the market.

A: The decrease in first home buyers means less competition in the property market. This gives potential buyers more bargaining power and a better chance to negotiate favorable prices.

A: Property prices have softened in most parts of the country over the past three months, except for regional South Australia and regional Western Australia.

A: National median weekly rental prices rose by 4.3% in September 2022, making it potentially cheaper to buy than rent in some areas.

A: Yes, the government's First Home Guarantee can offer mortgage insurance waivers and low deposits of 5% to eligible first home buyers.

A: If you're ready to buy, it's advisable to consult with a mortgage broker to understand your borrowing capacity and mortgage options. This will help you make an informed decision and potentially get a better deal.

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