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Whether you are looking to purchase your next family car, or a whole fleet of vehicles, your Zippy Financial consultant will chat with you to understand your unique situation, and tailor a loan structure to suit you.

Not everyone likes to negotiate with their local car dealer. Our Zippy consultants are trained to do the negotiating for you and will gain competitive quotes from dealers all over the country to ensure you get the best deal possible. Just tell us what car or cars you are looking for and we’ll get to work.

From there, we’ll organise all the required documentation and liaise with suppliers on your behalf to organise delivery of your vehicle/s.

One convenient place, for a comprehensive and personalised settlement service. Begin with a simple enquiry.

Vehicle finance options include:

  • Chattel Mortgages
  • Hire Purchase Agreements
  • Finance Lease
  • Novated Lease
  • Operating Lease
  • Personal Car Finance
Chattel Mortgages

Chattel mortgages are best for businesses on cash-based accounting. With a chattel mortgage, you own the asset and you can tailor your payments by selecting the term (up to five years) and incorporating a larger final installment and/or upfront deposit. Zippy Financial will help you establish other flexible arrangements, better aligned to your cashflow, including seasonal payments and having your GST refund entitlement (if applicable) paid into the loan to reduce monthly installments and interest charges.

The interest rate is fixed for the term of the loan and if the vehicle is used for income-generating purposes, the interest charges and depreciation on the vehicle or equipment may be tax deductible. If you are a business registered for GST, you may be entitled to an input tax credit with respect to the acquisition of your vehicle.

Interested? Contact us to find out more.

Key Benefits

Ownership of asset.

Fixed interest rate.

Interest and depreciation tax deductible.

Hire Purchase Agreements

Commercial Hire Purchase is best suited to businesses on accrual based accounting, or individuals who use their vehicle at work. Zippy Financial can help tailor your payments by selecting the term (up to five years) and incorporating a larger final instalment or an up-front deposit.

The interest rate is fixed for the term of the loan and if the vehicle or equipment is used for income generating purposes, the interest charges and depreciation on the asset may be tax deductible.

At Zippy Financial, we can help you to establish other flexible arrangements to better align to your cashflow, including seasonal payments.

Send us an enquiry for more details.

Finance Lease

A Financial Lease is a great solution for businesses that always need the most up-to-date vehicles and equipment, without tying up large amounts of capital.

This sort of lease can be tailored with rentals in advance or arrears, flexible terms (up to five years) and a residual value that is set to reflect the asset's use and ATO guidelines. GST is included in each rental and the residual value, and if your business is registered for GST, you may be able to claim an input tax credit for this GST.

Zippy Financial consultants will arrange you financial leases, guiding you through the masses of paper work, answer your questions and find the best solution for your business needs. Contact us for more information.

Key Benefits

Ability to update vehicles regularly without tying up capital.

Vehicles can be purchased for residual value at the end of the lease.

Novated Lease

We highly recommend a Novated Lease to employees who wish to salary-package their vehicle.

In order to be eligible for a novated lease, the vehicles must have a carrying capacity of less than one tonne and seat less than nine people. The employee, in conjunction with their employer, signs a novated lease agreement for an agreed term (up to five years). Monthly rentals and a final residual payment are based on ATO guidelines. Running costs of the vehicle including monthly rentals may be salary-sacrificed from the employee's gross pay, potentially reducing their taxable income.

The employer may pay some or all of the running costs of the vehicle including GST and may be able to claim an Input Tax Credit with respect to any GST incurred on such costs. The employer should also be aware that the provision of a vehicle under a novated lease is a fringe benefit and Fringe Benefits Tax ('FBT') implications will need to be considered. Contact us for more information on novated leasing - we can fill you in with the details and help you understand your options.

Key Benefits

Payments salary sacrificed from gross pay, reducing taxable income.

Packaged lease including maintenance and petrol.

Vehicle can be purchased for residual value at the end of the lease.

Operating Lease

An operating lease is an agreement that is arranged between one of our lenders and you, our client. Together, your vehicle requirements are assessed, such as annual kilometre usage and length of lease, to provide you with the most affordable and functional lease.

The term of an operating lease can range from 12 months to 5 years and there are no restrictions on the type or number of vehicles leased. Throughout the lease term the vehicle remains the property of the lender and at its completion, the vehicle is simply returned to the lender with no final lump sum payment on your behalf.

An operating lease usually incorporates varying levels of maintenance and servicing costs within the agreed service. It also often includes registration, tyres, fuel card, and insurance, etc - all for one easy monthly payment, saving you time and money. Give us a call now or contact us to hear more about your options.

Key Benefits

One simple monthly repayment.

No residual payment.

No risk of loss of vehicle value.

Flexible to your requirements.

Personal Car Finance

If you prefer to source and negotiate your own vehicle purchase, your Zippy Financial consultant will take the time to understand your personal situation and tailor a loan structure to suit your needs.

We arrange finance for both new and used cars purchased from dealerships or private vendors.

We’ll be happy to set up pre-approvals, allowing you to search for your next vehicle, knowing you're already approved for finance. If you would like to discuss your options, contact us.

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